I'm The Shinobiest!

"I'm The Shinobiest, that means the top of the fuckin' world!"

I guess you can follow me if you like penguins and funny things. :3

For what it's worth: I don't necessarily believe or condone messages or themes in the things I post or reblog. I post or reblog because that thing is of some interest to me, for better or worse, or is thought provoking, again, for better or worse.

Shoutout to knivesschau for the blog logo. Isn't she cute?
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  • Get a replacement phone for my busted-ass one
  • Play with it for three minutes, syncing my Gmail
  • Discover I can’t access basic phone settings due to a crippling glitch in the phone
  • Verizon employee has never seen anything like it

Guess I’m calling my insurance company again tomorrow. Good thing is the Verizon dude said I might get a free upgrade out of this. I probably won’t though because I have the worst luck in the galaxy.


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