I'm The Shinobiest!

"I'm The Shinobiest, that means the top of the fuckin' world!"

I guess you can follow me if you like penguins and funny things. :3

For what it's worth: I don't necessarily believe or condone messages or themes in the things I post or reblog. I post or reblog because that thing is of some interest to me, for better or worse, or is thought provoking, again, for better or worse.

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SFxT DLC is on the disc. The future DLC “release” will just be a key to unlock it on the disc.

You know, this is why I appreciate all you hackers and pirates out there because you guys uncover the dirty bits hidden in the code. I don’t have the skill set or the time to do that shit. So, this is half of a hacker appreciation post.

So, uh, I think I’m sitting this one out, guys. I’ll just wait for Super Turbo Street Fighter x Tekken x Namco: Arcade Edition: Ver. 2013: World Warrior: Clash of the Key Unlock: CASHCOM Limited Edition DLC Upgrade: HD Remix: BEND THE FUCK OVER EDITION SO WE CAN SHOVE THIS CAPITALIST DICK IN YOUR ASSHOLE FUCK YOU CONSUMER