I'm The Shinobiest!

"I'm The Shinobiest, that means the top of the fuckin' world!"

I guess you can follow me if you like penguins and funny things. :3

For what it's worth: I don't necessarily believe or condone messages or themes in the things I post or reblog. I post or reblog because that thing is of some interest to me, for better or worse, or is thought provoking, again, for better or worse.

Shoutout to knivesschau for the blog logo. Isn't she cute?
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  • A sip every time an Asian mispronounces an English word. 
  • A shot every time the words “cinematic, innovation, market share, visceral, appeal” are mentioned.
  • A shot every time a trailer with no gameplay is shown.
  • A shot for spaghetti. 
  • A shot for each graph you see.
  • A drink for technical difficulties.
  • A drink if a joke is made and the audience doesn’t laugh.
  • A drink if a celebrity shows up to promote a game.
  • Down a bottle if the price of a new console is announced.
  • A drink if Gaben shows up.
  • Down everything you have if HL3 is announced.

See you fuckers at the morgue.