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But Syndicate, at least the campaign, was pretty disappointing. At first, it had purpose and power, but little plot. Then when some semblance of plot popped up, it lost most of the purpose and power. Explain THAT shit to me…

I won’t spoil it because, while I don’t think many of you give any fucks I just don’t do that, but the game plays with very similar themes that Deus Ex: Human Revolution does. This is good… on paper.

Deus Ex was a very mature game that dealt with all of these questions and theories and feelings regarding transhumanism, technology, corporatism and even evolution a bit. 

Syndicate dips its toe in all of these pools… but the shallow end. When Deus Ex just fuck-you-dives right in the deep end.

If Deus Ex is a sophisticated movie with a pretty damn good script, good plot and amazing acting that is complemented by exceptional cinematography and direction, then Syndicate is the Michael Bay popcorn flick counterpart that tries to reach out oh so desperately to the heights of the former movie described. Both films can be good in their own right, and the market is big enough for the both of them, but it’s clear who will come out on top when all is said and done.

In fact, now that I think about it… if Deus Ex was adapted to a movie by someone that was only handed a synopsis of the game from Wikipedia, I think Syndicate would be the final product. Which is… sad, but true.

I had fun; the guns are really fun to use, some are pretty damn inventive. The action is good. The game is deceptively difficult, even on Normal. But holy shit, I wish I wouldn’t have spent $60 on it (ACTUALLY IT WAS JUST $23 OUT OF MY POCKET BUT NOW I’M JUST SPLITTING HAIRS).

The real saving grace here is the co-op. The co-op is probably the most fun co-op I’ve played since Borderlands. If you have friends that (stupidly) bought this as soon as it came out, you can’t go wrong with the co-op.


Enemy agents are so hard.

Riotlance = the Assist Gun.

Fucking Syndicate time.

The Gauss Rifle in Syndicate is one of the coolest weapons in any game.

Corporations in Syndicate go hard in the paint.

"Another company is infringing on our copyrights for technology?


What the fuck is ‘patent court’?”

Police allegiance, they say, is bought fresh and will rot without a steady injection of dollars. You can only hope that your bribe was better than the last guy’s.
Intelligence log on the function of police in 2069, from Syndicate